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Kettle Spike Portable Black Metal/Aluminium

Kettle Spike Portable Black Metal/Aluminium

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The possibilities are endless with the Kettle series, as you can determine the type of lamp you want with the replaceable accessories. Design and functionality are carefully thought through, so the series beautifully illuminates your everyday life - both inside and outside. Kettle is not only decorative, it also provides a good light, and simultaneously the brightness of the light can be adjusted in three levels. The built-in battery has a durability up to five hours at full power and even longer if the light is turned down to a cosy lighting. The battery is easily charged via the included USB cable.

With this accessory, Kettle is transformed into a portable spike lamp which for example can be placed in the flowerbed or along the driveway. The accessory fits Kettle 22 and 36 lampshades.


  • Width: 58 mm
  • Height: 516 mm
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