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Faedo 3 Exterior 20w Led 5000k White

Faedo 3 Exterior 20w Led 5000k White

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Outdoor lighting makes a home look welcoming, safe, comfortable and more attractive. Adding charm and personality with the right lighting will make you want to spend more time outside.

Each lighting element is important to light the way, provide safety, security and style, also make a property seem larger when placed strategically.

The right lighting makes a home come to life and creates a multi-functional space, increasing the value of your home through lighting.

Floodlights can light an expansive space, like driveways, or can be used for lighting a focal point, like trees or stonework, adding a uniform illumination which will brighten up your exterior area.

To highlight an enviable landscape, uplight, create a shadowing effect, projecting the shadow of the tree onto the façade of your home for example, or create more of a wall wash effect, which will provide more light that can be used for outdoor activities, this unique Flood Light is the perfect lighting fixture.

The Faedo Floodlight will make any exterior decor scheme fell more complete.

- Colour: White
- IP Rating: IP65
- Dimmable: No
- Input Voltage: 240V
- Lamp Base: Dedicated LED
- Wattage: 20W
- Lamp Colour Temperature: 5000K (White)
- Lumen Output: 1800LM

- Height: 95mm
- Width: 30mm
- Length: 130mm
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